Price options for Dinner Parties (via Chefhelen’s Blog)

15 Sep

Delicious at any price!

Many have asked me “What’s it cost? expecting a simple answer. The following will give a guide on pricing dinner parties….

Fror just $20/person   Frankfurters and  Burgers. Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad , orPotato Salad .  Grilled Corn/Zucchini/Peppers Watermelon BrowniesRead More

$40/person could include Half Roasted Cornish game Hen with Fruit dipping Sauce

Roasted Vegetables

String Beans almondine or Carrots

Fresh Tossed Salad

Vicchysoise (served Cold)

Individual Parfaits or profiteroles with ice cream or Tofutti filling



Beef Tenderloin or Beef Wellington



via Chefhelen’s Blog


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