14 Jun

2 kokosh made by Chef Helen

I made kokosh today to bring to our networking group tonight…So delicious!  I will post the recipe (from another blogger) and my photos in a few days!

(Kokosh is sort of like babka)

To get some today. Call Chef Helen in Boynton Beach

Here is the recipe…..

You might like to try this one, which I’ve been using for years:

KOKOSH CAKE (2 rolls)      1pkg dry yeast      1/2 c warm water or fruit juice      1/2 c margarine, room temperature      1/2 c oil      3 TBSP sugar      3 1/2 c flour      1/2 tsp salt      2 eggs

Sprinkle the yeast onto the liquid & leave for 5 minutes. Cream margarine with sugar, then blend in yeast mixture & remaining ingredients. Chill dough. Divide into 2 parts & roll each half out on a lightly floured surface, guiding it with your hands into a rectangular shape, till it’s 1/8 thick. It’s helpful to lift the dough occasionally as you roll so it doesn’t stick to the surface. Brush dough with oil (walnut or hazelnut oil — leftover from Pesach? — is especially good for this). Sprinkle with a mixture of:      3/4 c Dutch process cocoa powder      3/4 c sugar      1/4 c powdered sugar

(Optional but gives great texture to your filling) Drizzle the filling with a couple of tablespoons of rice syrup or barley malt.

Sprinkle filling with a spoonful or two of water. Roll cakes up loosely. You can glaze at this point but my kids & I prefer unglazed. Bake about 30 minutes at 175 degrees C.

Note,,I adapted some things from the kokosh I had made in the past,. When the dough is rolled out, brush with margarine, then, lemon juice or orange marmalade and matzoh meal.  /then sprinkle the cocoa, and sugar mixture prior to rolling.

I just gave a roll of kokosh toy mother-in law. She said it was the best cake she ever had!


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    making this today., If you want some, I am making about 8 loaves just $18 each


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