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Food Product Creation and Development

26 Aug
Dry TVP flakes are an inexpensive protein sour...

Dry TVP flakes are an inexpensive protein source when purchased in bulk and can be added to a variety of vegetarian dishes or used as an imperceptible meat extender or supplement to bulk out a meat dish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a student at Queens College /CUNY, the most interesting course that I took was in Experimental Food Science.  We had to create a recipe and test variations and create a publishable (as in the Journal of the AMA, or other professional publications) article after taste testing the variations on random subjects.  I did a standard beef meatloaf recipe and tested it with increasing ratios of TVP.(Textured Vegetable Protein).  We then had to get a suffficiently large random sampling taste tested and the result was a 50/50 meat/TVP was palatable, when we used more than half of TVP the result was too grainy and did not taste of meat.

I still use these skills today.  I taste test variations on recipes that clients have whether for their own use or commercial use.  I have the skills that could help any small or start up food manufacturer in their testing phase and assist in marketing.

Who do you know that needs these skills today?  Are you looking for research done to take your product for commercial use and see whether it is viable?  I have the skills to to do this on a small scale and lower budget than the larger concerns that will cost you tems of thousands in cash…You can also start  with me as a part time employee and then upgrade to full focus groups etc with the tens of thousands in funds it will  cost.

Call Chef Helen at 561-676-2078 or email today at

Baking Challah for Shabbos

16 Aug

Check it out.. Challah Baking for shabbos…speciaL BAKED GOODS AS WELL What will it be?  Apple cake?  Muffins? Kokosh?  Call or email to find out!

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Organic Milk

10 Aug

I found this article in the Wall Street Journal very interesting.  People do care what they eat.

What do you think?


Chef Helen Gottesman




Learning and Growing as a Chef

7 Aug
Two braided Shabbat challahs placed under an e...

Two braided Shabbat challahs placed under an embroidered challah cover at the start of the Shabbat meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Six Braided Jewish Challah with sesame.

English: Six Braided Jewish Challah with sesame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent part of my time “up north” staying with friends in Baltimore.  Chana not only bakes her own challah every week as I do, she gets wheat and spelt directly from the farmers, sprouts it, dehydrates it amd mills the flour herself.  I have been doing it the easy way and buying flours at the grocery store.

I could not believe the extra level of work 9and equipment) that she takes for granted as part of the weekly process she begins about tuesday or even Monday to have her Shabbos challasready for Friday night!

Let me know if you want info on this process!

Baltimore, Pennsylvania and DC

1 Aug

Since we brought my son up to Camp a week ago, we have been in Baltimore staying with friends, and had a few days in thr Poconos , Berkshires and Catskills.  Yesterday we went to DC (used the Metro) from Siver Springs to the Smithsonian and saw the Holocaust Museum and parts of the Smithsonian and got pics of ther White House.

My friends Chana and Herschel Lazaroff are amazing people! They also adopted boys with Down Syndrome, which is what we had in common,  She homeschools the boys and started a farm which G-d willing could even turn into a full project!  such potential there!    Herschel is a healer utilizing Chabad philosophies.  Check him out at .

Sunday we will be visiting Philadelphia and Wednesday morning picking up my amazing Adir from camp!  Hooray,  I miss that kid!

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