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Sukkah almost finished!

30 Sep

Thanks to the hard work of my husbsand robert over the past few hours, my sukkah is almost complete.  fortunately, we have a screened in patio at the back of our house wich is eight by 30 and big enough for a crowd or just the 3 of us as needed.

He removed everything and used outdoor clorox a scrubbrush and hose to clean it.  then, he cut down palm branches on our property and asked a few neighbors if he could cut theirs (living in florida makes  this soooo easy) and laid them over a few firring strips on top of our screened in porch! Voila!

Bow i must get shopping and cooking.

Oh maybe an extra table for guests!


Keep away the RAIN PLEASE!

Pflaumen Kuchen Plum Tart Must have got Rosh Ha Shana!!

30 Sep


This recipe was one my mother made every year for the Jewish holidays. I always thought of our familiy as gastronomic Jews rather than Reform, Conservative or Orthodox. Now we are considered Orthodox.

The Muerbeteig dough mush be mixed up and chilled for at least half an hour before it is patted into a pie pan and filled with the fruit and baked. Make sure you allow enough time for the chilling’.

My mother always used the recipe from the Settlement Cookbook as follows:

1 cup butter (I use pareve margarine, butter is better in the recipe)

3 cups flour

2 egg yolks

1/4 cup cold water

1 lemon

1/4 cup sugar

(I add 1 Tbsp vanilla)

Mix butter and flour, Beat egg yolks, add the water. Combine the mixtures adding grated rind, juice of lemon and sugar. Pat into pie pan 1/4 inch thick. CHILL. Bake with desired filling

To make this Pflaumen kuchen, you need to cut up at least 8 of the Italian prune plums which are generally in season this time of year. I have not found any in South Florida so I have bought the black Plums at publix and hope for the best….Pics to follow!

Kosher Personal Chef in Non-Kosher World

4 Sep

Many of my current and prospective clients are non-Observant Jews in South Florida .  Since I am Observant, I spoke with my rabbi to see how I could cook for my clients in their home who do not keep kosher and still make a living doing this while following Jewish Law (Halacha) which prohibits giving non-kosher food to another Jew.

According to my Rabbi, I need to only offer Kosher meat to my clients, not give them any meat/dairy combinations, and no shellfish.

To accomplish this, I use the equipment the client has in their home (stoves, knoves, potas, pans) and offer an inclusive price for my services so I can offer only kosher food to my clients.  I will make a few dollars less and they get a better product.!!


Kosher Personal Chef in a Non-Kosher world

4 Sep

Kosher Personal Chef in a Non-Kosher world

Chef Helen Gottesman cooks in South Florida

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