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Proudest Moments

7 Feb

During a job interview a while back,I was asked what my proudest moments were.

Over 20 years ago, My husband and I were hired to be house parents in a group home for Jewish adults with Deveopmental Disabilities (Hatikvah House in CoralSprings, Fl.) As a chef I did the cooking for the five residents plus the 2 of us. As time went on, I started to show the residents how to keep kosher and how to prepare basic meals.

One of our residents was blind as well as Developmentally Disabled. He wanted to be part of the cooking lessons but knife skills were not an option.

I washed the lettuce and had him wash his hands very carefully…Then I sat him down and had him tear the lettuce into “bite sized pieces” He could not wait to call his mom and tell her that he “made dinner himself” I had to explain to her what he actually did. his pride was amazing!

The other four residents had never cooked by themselves before but they left there able to put together a basic shabbos dinner of soup, roast chicken, rice, salad and a mix cake.

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