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My Anniversary Dinner

27 Jun

My husband wanted to take me out to dinner for our 36th anniversary. (Who can believe it has been that long?) I said I would make a dinner for the 3 of us. He wanted a steak dinner . We hardly eat red meat.
We went shopping at Kosher Marketplace in Boca Raton and spent less than $15 on a beautiful skirt steak that could be grilled and put some veggie skewers together along with some brown rice.
While he and my son Adir did Rob’s radio show “Brain Matters on, I had the meat marinating in one dish and the veggie skewers in another.
As soon as Rob came home, he started the grill and we cooked together . This was the best and Adir did most of the dishes before we went to Boynton Beach to walk .

Great evening. Great dinner.

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