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Morrocan chickpea stew

25 Jul

Glten Free, Vegan, Easy. Ideal for the 9 days.

Source: Morrocan chickpea stew

Why I Love Cooking for My Clients

25 Jul

In a world where most jobs have us as “cogs in a wheel” working for low wages, without sight of a final goal for the company or ourselves.

Instead, as a Personal Chef I speak to people about what food means to eeds that would determine the choices of foods we will preparethem.  Is it simply for nourishment?  Must it be a work of art for them to enjoy it?  Are there specific dietary n

Chef Helen’s Summer Special Personal Chef Services

25 Jul

Personal Chef for Hire in Palm Beach County. Summer Special Save

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Cooking Lessons Can Empower You

25 Jul  click here

and find out what cooking lessons in your own home could do for you!



Chef Helen Does It Again

22 Jul

Hi.  I put something together that explains my Cheffing Services.  Let me know what you think



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4 Jul

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