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Sukkot (Sukkos?) dishes

1 Oct

Stuffed Cabbage for Sukkot

The holiday of Sukkot (Sukkos) commemorates the Clouds of Glory that followed the Jews while they travelled for 40 years in the desert.

Traditionally (I don’t remember the reason, will google it later…..we make wrapped foods, like kreplach (wonton) in our soup,  I plan on making stuffed cabbage , P{flaumenkuchen and chicken soup  (maybe I WILL try kreplach as I did not to it too successfully years ago.

Will post recipe later!

What other dishes would you make for the holidays?

Sukkah almost finished!

30 Sep

Thanks to the hard work of my husbsand robert over the past few hours, my sukkah is almost complete.  fortunately, we have a screened in patio at the back of our house wich is eight by 30 and big enough for a crowd or just the 3 of us as needed.

He removed everything and used outdoor clorox a scrubbrush and hose to clean it.  then, he cut down palm branches on our property and asked a few neighbors if he could cut theirs (living in florida makes  this soooo easy) and laid them over a few firring strips on top of our screened in porch! Voila!

Bow i must get shopping and cooking.

Oh maybe an extra table for guests!


Keep away the RAIN PLEASE!

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