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3 tips to make cooking easier and healthier by ChefHelen

2 May



Too many people are eating frozen food and take out food on a daily basis these days.

I am told that my being willing and able to prepare dinners from scratch is unusual. I like being able to decide how well done a dish is or how much seasoning goes in

First. Keep it simple. If you are a novice cook or very busy. Think of what flavors you. like…sharp like Parmesan.. sweet like. honey? find quick cooking proteins like a steak or chicken cutlets or salmon fillets. Find what spice rubs you can use or herbs go easily with each dish.

Skip the one color plate. To make food appealing avoid a white plate with white foods , a brown plate with brown foods etc, Vary the colors and textures of what you are eating and serving. If everything must be one color try a tiny bit of parsley (ideally fresh, dried will still add color) or diced red pepper) (the mini peppers at the fruit markets are ideal for this.)

Thirdly, ask at the fruit market if they can recommend something new, We all get into a comfort zone and find ourselves with the same dishes over and over. I found dragonmfruit a few months ago that way and haven’t looked back.

Fourth, *you thought I would stop at three? Hah! As a Personal Chef I always give a little more that I agreed to. There is always room for a little extra stir fry, a pasta made with bits and pieces left in your fridge or a simple dessert.

Check out my website at http://www.helenshomecooking.com for menu items and call me at 561-676-2078 to found out about my in your home cooking lessons and dinners professionally prepared by me in your home.
Emails with comments are also appreciated at chefhelen@helenshomecooking.com


How kosher should we be?

23 Aug

I recently spoke to an old friend who told me her grown son had become completely kosher .As neither of us grew up in a completely observant environment I was impressed by the change in her son.

Then I met him again and we started talking.  I was curious to find out exactly what he considered totally kosher.  According to him eating Glatt kosher meat is all you have to do.  I told him that is just part of it.  when I started keeping kosher over 25 years ago, I started with no obvious combinations of meat and dairy, no shellfish (hard for me to give that up!!) and no pork.  I ate in generic restaurants and the cafeteria at the company I worked for in NY and was very proud of myself for doing that.  Then as a cook/chef I realize they just cooked a cheeseburger on that grill, or a slice of bacon in that pan, ,, what was I thinking??  I started reading books about kashrut. I learned a lot.  Without completely different pots, pans, stoves, knives, cutting boards, and sinks it is virtually impossible to keep kosher in your own home.


Some people also think that a slice of plain cheese pizza in a generic pizza joint is OK.  Oh contraire!  Just because a kosher person chooses to keep meat and dairy separate.  most pizza joints have no problems putting meat drippings or actual meat in the tomato sauce to flavor it.  There goes the separation of meat and dairy!! 


Then there is the bread and cake.  A generic restaurant is likeliest to lard (pig fat) to get the flakiest pie crust.  They have no reason not to.  Many places will use lard to grease their bread pans as it can be cheaper than vegetable oil and since it is not actually IN the bread there is no need to list in on the ingredients.  Think of that for vegetarians as well!


Unless you have a mashgiach on premises in a commercial setting you can’t be sure what you are dealing with.  If you have a trademarked kosher symbol like the “OU” or “OK” or a local organization like the ORB here in South Florida you can’t be sure what you’re getting is kosher.


Just my two cents. Tell me what you think.

Anshei Chesed Boynton Beach

31 Jul

I am trying to put together an cookbook as an e-book that would be an “anthology” of favorites of the ladies of our synagogue along with a brief “story” about each of us .  I would like to show that although we have our differing backgrounds, we are  as cohesive as the differing elements of a stew or cholent.


Who has done this before and who would like to participate? 


Chef Helen  561-676-2078

Chef Helen has lowered her prices

13 Apr

Helen’s Home Cooking has lowered its’ prices as inclusive of groceries.  check this out!



Sale in Personal Chef Services..Cure for the Summer Doldrums

11 Jul

For the Week of July 16th only!
Up to 20% off the cost of having your own Personal chef cook just what you want!
Do you want a Romantic dinner for 2 complete with a bottle of wine?
A Girl’s (or Guy’) Night out?
Dinners prepared for the week for 2 or more people

Dinner for 2 at just $219.00 includes groceries!

Call Chef Helen at 561-676-2078 http://www.helenshomecooking.com to schedule today!

FNI Palm Beach is now FQNI

19 May

FNI is now First Quality Networking International.  We have changed our meeting location back to TooJays at the Boynton beach MallI, 801 Congress Ave in Boynton Beach.  Meeting are Friday mornings at 8:15am. For more information call Robert Gottesman at robertgottesman2001@yahoo.com or call him at 561-676-2075

Brownies and Challah Rolls coming to FNI meeting Friday

1 Feb

Chef Helen and Chef Shari (formerly (2chefsonthego) will be bringing samples of raspberry brownies and challah rolls ad other goodies to sample at the Free Networking International this Friday.  the meetings are held at Cypress Creek Country Club at 9400 Military Trail in Boynton Beach, Fl. at 8:15AM every Friday.  for more information see my website www.helenshomecooking.com and www.freenetworkinginternational.com.

To get samples of baked goods left in your office with our business cards, call Chef Helen at


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