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Three ways to make Passover Preparation Easier and Cheaper

8 Apr

Preparing Your home for a Kosher Week of Passover can be daunting!

You can do it if you stay away from convenience foods

Delicious Stuffed Cabbage for Passover

Stuffed Cabbage for Passover

and concentrate on proteins and vegetables and a few side items.

Simple menus and a bit of home cooking will make it delicious…and far healthier as most “convenience” foods are way too high in salt, sugar and not the freshest ingredients, hence lower in nutritional value.
Let me know if you need the recipe including diced fresh tomatoes, ketchup
and diced onions/ (We just ate it tonight, yummy)

Secondly. Baked boxes of cookies and cakes are running $10 and more during Passover. Avoid this. With 4 egg whites salt(a pinch), and cocoa with optional chocolate chips and nuts make over 50 meringues. Brownies will need 4 eggs, potato starch, sugar cocoa and chocolate chips or nuts make Platters of brownies.

Use the KISS method, Keep it Simple. Roast veggies, mashed potatoes with caramelized onions.

Call me for recipes or I can do the cooking for you
Chef Helen Gottesman
61.676.2078 Helen@helenshomecooking.com


Chef Helen has lowered her prices

13 Apr

Helen’s Home Cooking has lowered its’ prices as inclusive of groceries.  check this out!



Personal Chefs are More Affordable Than You May Think!

25 May

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After a networking meeting this morning, someone told me that I have not been including my pricing for my Personal Chef Services in my description of what I do.

First of all, pricing is dependent on the amount of time and challenge involved.  The most requested way I have done my cheffing is called a “five by four” .  This includes five main dishes, four portions each with appropriate side dishes.  I can price these as inclusive of groceries for $395.00 (additional if you need some exotic ingredients or specialty items). As part of my service, I do all of the shopping for the ingredients, after we choose the menu together.

I have also been running an introductory special for new clients to get them to appreciate my service.  for just $219.00 I can prepare three main dishes with sides, four portions each inclusive of groceries.

This special will continue until June 29,2012

Also, I do food demos, cooking lessons in your home (for 1 to 8 or so people) at $40 to $50 an hour (depending on the dishes involved) plus groceries with a 3 hour minimum.

I have partnered with a wonderful local Massage therapist, Fabien de Guffroy on a Dinner and Massage for two.  Fabien will give each of you a massage while I prepare your exquisite, delicious dinner and have your wine bottle ready.  Everything will be served by your own Personal chef .  You will be relaxed, with a clean kitchen and dessert when I leave.

For more information, call 561-676-2078 , email helen@helenshomecooking.com or take a look at my website, www.helenshomecooking.com .

Price options for Dinner Parties (via Chefhelen’s Blog)

15 Sep

Delicious at any price!

Many have asked me “What’s it cost? expecting a simple answer. The following will give a guide on pricing dinner parties….

Fror just $20/person   Frankfurters and  Burgers. Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad , orPotato Salad .  Grilled Corn/Zucchini/Peppers Watermelon BrowniesRead More

$40/person could include Half Roasted Cornish game Hen with Fruit dipping Sauce

Roasted Vegetables

String Beans almondine or Carrots

Fresh Tossed Salad

Vicchysoise (served Cold)

Individual Parfaits or profiteroles with ice cream or Tofutti filling



Beef Tenderloin or Beef Wellington



via Chefhelen’s Blog

price options for Dinner Parties

6 Jul

Many have asked me “What’s it cost? expecting a simple answer. The following will give a guide on pricing dinner parties….
Helen’s Home Cooking and Catering
Dinner Party Price List
Based on Party of 8 Cooked in your Home

$20/person $40/Person
Frankfurters Half Grilled Cornish Hen with
Burgers Potato or Noodle Kugel
Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad Glazed Carrots
Potato Salad Pflaumen Kuchen (Plum Tart)
Grilled Corn/Zucchini/Peppers

$30/person $50/Person
Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls Chunky Vegetable Soup
Roast Chicken on Beef, Lamb or Bison Stew
Bed of Root Vegetables Tossed Salad with Roast Beets and Orange String Beans Almandine Sweet Potatoes in /lime Syrup
Risotto Dessert
Individual Fruit Crisps

Herbed Biscuits with Compound “Butter”
Beef Wellington
Beet and Orange salad
Roasted Vegetables
Cream Puffs with Faux Ice Cream

NB Price includes Helen doing all the shopping and food prep and serving food family style. Additional servers or service can be negotiated, starting at $50/event.

Chef Helen also does Romantic Dinners for 2, weekly and Bi-Weekly Cooking for Your family.

For more information call 561-676-2078 or email Helen@helenshomecooking.com