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Passover/Pesach Cooking and Preparation

11 Mar

I am reposting this from 2 years ago… counting down to Pesach/Passover.
To the observant Jew, preparing for Passover has many challenges and opportunities.  I will plan ahead and not drive myself crazy.. I took an hour this morning and went through my pantry to review what I wanted to use up prior to the holiday (2 started boxes of whole-wheat pasta and one of lasagna noodles).  I look through packages, especially baking items and spices to see they are not expired (the experts suggest keeping the dried spices no longer than 6 months),  I HAD TO DIVEST MYSELF OF THE CREAM OF TARTAR.  A recent client asked me to make baking powder biscuits , insisted she had baking powder and found at the last minute that it expired in 2002, long before she moved to Florida!

.I also go through the medicine chest and find expired over the counter meds and prescription meds. We don’t use a lot of meds so this was a quick process.

By Wed evening there will be no food going out of the kitchen and dining room….I hope.


Chef Helen

Day 2 Pesach Preparation

12 Apr

Today, I shopped for the pantry items at Wal-Mart., I got heavy-duty foil and foil pans, Glad ware containers in varied sizes (to package for my client and mu own), a new salt, pepper paprika and cinnamon (all kosher for passover. Also, we got kosher for passover margarine. Next we scoped out Costco in Boca Raton, great brisket from 1.5 to 6 pounds, 1st cut…at 11.00 per pound. yes.!!

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